At Wheatland Memorial Healthcare, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of our residents and patients whom seek treatment in our facility. We work together to promote independence and social interaction in a safe, supportive environment. Our dedication to respect and compassion makes Wheatland Memorial Healthcare great place to work. We are currently seeking exceptional people who share our vision and commitment to our residents, patients and staff. If you think you would make a great addition to our family at Wheatland Memorial Healthcare, we would love to meet you.

There are full, part-time and casual positions open for licensed CNA’s. Twelve hour day and night shifts along with 5pm to 9pm shifts available. Responsible for providing basic nursing care and the carrying out of specific orders for patients and residents. Protects and promotes patients/residents rights and assists each patient/resident to maintain independence and control to the greatest extent possible.

Activities Assistant
There is a full time position open for an Activities Assistant. Must be a creative person that is able to work weekends and some holidays. Responsible for planning and administering activities for our residents.

Contact Peggy Hiner at 632-3165 or for more information.


Our  Mission:

Responsive to the healthcare needs of the communities we serve, Wheatland Memorial Healthcare is dedicated to providing sustainable quality care with respect, compassion & teamwork.


Wheatland Memorial Healthcare works with Capital Radiology for all interpretations.  These Radiologists are American Board Certified.  Call reports are available 24/7.

Dr. Daniel Alzheimer

Dr. Jason White

Ultrasound (Sonography)

Ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging  procedure that does not use radiation.  Ultrasound is particularly useful in soft tissue and organ studies.  Some examinations are preferred to have the patient fasting so that air in the stomach and intestines does not interfere with the study.  Depending on the exam requested by the medical provider you will be instructed as to fasting, full bladder, etc.  Most exams take approximately 30 minutes.

Carotid ultrasound is performed to check for plaque formation and other abnormalities in the carotid arteries.  These exams take approximately 1 hour.

Echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart) takes approximately 1-2 hours.

All non-emergent ultrasound procedures are scheduled Monday through Friday.


Mammograms are x-ray images of the breast. They are recommended on a yearly basis for all women over the age of 40.

Digital mammography uses computerized capture of the breast tissue to produce images that offer high resolution and sharper image detail.  Computerized images also offer the Radiologist the ability to maneuver the density, zoom in/out for viewing.

Early detection is the key to preventing life threatening situations.

•   Easy to make appointments.

•   Reporting in 1 day or less to provider and to patient.

•   Self referral accepted for screening        studies.

•   Studies read by Radiologist.

Computerized Tomography  (CT)

Wheatland Memorial offers helical CT scans for most diagnostic needs.  CTis used to image bone, soft tissue and organs of the body.  Depending on the exam ordered you may or may not be given contrast material.

Scans usually do not take more than 15 to 20 minutes and immediate verbal reporting by a Radiologist is available.  Written reports are normally reported daily.

CT requires a medical provider request.

CTA (cardiac & some vascular studies are not performed at our facility.