Board Minutes 07/24/12


Board Minutes 07/24/12

Wheatland Memorial Healthcare

Board of Trustees’ Meeting


The Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Wheatland Memorial Healthcare was held on July 24, 2012 in the Health Education Center.


Leta Nash, Chairman

Lorraine Peterson, Vice Chairman Terry Freeser, Secretary/Treasurer

Don Amundson,Ken Deboer, June Voldseth, Susan Moore

Terri Donovan, CEO


Peggy Hiner, Jane Moe, Aubrey Miller, Lauri Cooney, Diane Jones-FNP, Mike Kent


Chairman Nash called the meeting to order at 5:45pm and began the meeting with the reading of the Mission Statement and a welcome to all of the guests in attendance.


The consent agenda was presented. Upon motion that was duly made and seconded all items in the consent agenda were adopted as written.



Mr. Young talked about how the IT department is working towards an electronic medical record.  He had a call with Healthland and the financial migration is scheduled to stati in August followed by more pieces early next year.  After everything is installed there will be a three month attestation period.


A nice acknowledgement  letter was received from the organ donor registry on behalf of the work done by Carrie Ridgeway.  Diane Jones, FNP was recognized for becoming a full time Nurse Practitioner in the Clinic. Carol Bischoff from MHA was in the facility to see Ms. Donovan and she had very nice things to say about how she was greeted when she arrived at the facility.

Ms. Moe talked about the positive things she has been working on to build community support for the facility through Marketing and Fundraising.  The Mad Hatters Ball a Party with a Purpose will be held on August 25’11 and silent auction items are still needed along with help selling raffle tickets for the lap quilt and Kindle Fire.

Dress for the Gala can be evening wear, Alice in Wonderland costumes or casual wear.  There will be a prize for the best hat.  The money raised fi·om the Gala will be used towards a telemetry system.  The Moose will cook the prime rib and Tall Boy Catering out of Hobson will prepare the rest of the meal.  This year the meal will be served buffet style with serving help from the FFA.  Russ Nassett and the Revelators will be back this year to entertain us.  There are still sponsorships  available for purchase.  Ms. Moe has a quarterly newsletter

that will be mailed out soon.  The Wheatland Memorial Healthcare web page will be updated by Aug 15th.     It will be much more user friendly and have a “donate” button by Paypal.  Jane and others went to Ryegate Senior Center and will continue to visit quarterly. She has been working on several other marketing methods, such as Face book, brochures, mailers, the newspaper, and target mailers that will be coming out soon.


a.   Review of CEO goals and job description

Ms. Nash talked about the positive tools that are now in place to help review the CEO thanks to the help from Associated Employers.  The CEO’s goals will be tied to the Strategic Plan and will focus on pressing issues. Ms. Donovan stated that she has been very up front with staff on her goals and she wants to be transparent and will give updates on how she is doing with her goals in her monthly CEO report.  The job description is still being worked on with the assistance of Len Stanton.

b.  Board Member Recruitment and Board Characteristics

The characteristics of a good board and individual board members were discussed.  A good board member should have good character, be committed to the community, be willing to serve and have the time to serve.  A good board should have a mixture of ages, gender, occupation, areas of expertise and key skills.  Ms. Nash talked about the two characteristics surveys that she would like compiled into one survey that can be used to help identify what our board needs.  Ms. Peterson and Ms. Voldseth volunteered to work on the surveys and get them emailed out so a final decision can be made at the next board meeting.  The board currently has two openings.

c.   Trustee Code of Ethics Review

Len Stanton is helping the board develop a trustee code of ethics review along with board policies, job descriptions and self-evaluations.  A sample job description was passed out to review for next month’s meeting.

d.  House Update

The former administrator’s  house has been listed and has been shown a few times.  An Open House will be scheduled in August along with some additional advertising.  The board has agreed to stay firm with the price at this time.

e.   Other Old Business

Money has been coming in after the holdup with the Medicare revalidation.  The line of credit will start being paid back this week with the entire amount being paid back by September.  The 5010 conversion went well and the business office has instituted some email practices in their department that have sped up the hospital billing process. A board committee comprised of Ms. Freeser and Mr. Amundson will be working on a letter to Medicare to express their feelings on how the revalidation hold up impacted our facility.  Ms. Donovan will get a timeline and a list of the people she spoke with to help with the letter.  Putting information on healthcare reform in the paper was discussed but the Ms. Donovan stated that MHA recommended  waiting until after the election to put any information out.


a.   June Financials

The new graphs were in the packet this month in place of the detailed information the board had been receiving.

Everyone seemed to like the new format especially with the twelve month time period.  The numbers still aren’t looking good yet because the revalidation money didn’t  start coming in until July.  July’s  financials should look much better and AR will be under a million.  There are 16 long term beds filled with the possibility of filling a few more soon and two skilled beds have been filled all month.  The Clinic numbers were down in June but should pick up in July with sports physicals.  Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring will start in August

PADnet training is scheduled for August 15 and should start soon after.  St. Vincent Healthcare is donating a treadmill, computer and a technician for the stress testing that should begin by October.  Kayla Lawson has been working with other facilities to get policies put together to start a coumidin clinic and visiting nurse services which is a rural alternative to home health.  The hospital is now in a 24 hour billing cycle, but other patient visits, such as the clinic take longer to be billed.  Time parameters need to be added to other areas than just accounts receivable.  Targets can be added to monthly ratios, but those targets will likely be moving targets. Self-pay is going up but Ms. Donovan would rather see patients pay a smaller monthly payment on their bill than have to send them to bad debt collection services.  The coupon books that the business office put together seem to be helping with getting paid.  Upon motion that was duly made and seconded the Junefinancials were approved as presented.

b.  Trustee Toolkit Update

The trustee tool kit is coming along very well and will have very comprehensive information for the board members along with places to keep agendas, minutes and financial information. An expanded organizational chart is being put together and that should also be very helpful.

c.   Other New Business

MHA Ventures has a pool of money to use for energy audits and operational flow. They would like to audit our facility and any project over runs or if we don’t get the return on investment that they quote they will pay the difference.


a.   Cost to Charge Ratio Review

How to figure out cost to charge ratio was discussed. The information was very helpful for the board and will be reviewed annually.

b.  Recognition of Donors

Thank you cards for donation were passed out to the members to have a personal handwritten thank you added to them.

c.   Other Other Business

A letter came back from the state accepting our application for the Foundation. The next step is to send the 1023 form to the IRS. It could take up to six months to hear back from the IRS on the 1023. The Foundation Board will meet again in October.

St. Vincent Healthcare has offered to pay to change the logo on the readerboard so Ms. Donovan asked the board if the $2,000 in oil and gas money that was going to be used to update the readerboard could be used to purchase a storage shed to use for wheelchair storage. Upon motion that was duly made and seconded the reallocation of the $2,000 of oil and gas money from the readerboard to the storage shed was approved.

d.   QI & Policy and Procedure Review Update

An audit of ER documentation is being done and the reports go back to the nurses which has really helped correct documentation errors. The clinic has been doing their QI on outdates. The QI and Policy and Procedure committee is made up of Ms. Donovan, Ms. Cooney, Ms. Newland and Ms. Elings.


The Board went into executive session to discuss a personnel issue at 7:50pm. The executive session ended at 8:35pm.  No action was taken after returning to regular session.


There being no further business brought before the board, the meeting was adjourned at 8:36pm.