Board Minutes 01/03/13


Board Minutes 01/03/13

Wheatland Memorial Healthcare Board of Trustees’ Meeting

The Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Wheatland Memorial Healthcare was held on January 3, 2013 in the Health Education Center.


Leta Nash, Vice Chairman Mike Kent, Secretary/Treasurer Aubrey Miller

Don Amundson, Susan Moore

Lauri Cooney, Interim CEO


Lorraine Peterson, Chairman


Peggy Hiner, Kathy Jutila-MD, Diane Jones- NP, Kathie Newland, Russ Young


Vice Chairman Nash called the meeting to order at 5:00pm.


The consent agenda was presented. Upon motion that was duly made and seconded all items in the consent agenda were adopted as written.



Ms. Hiner had the Board members sign the document that changes our pension plan to a Safe Harbor Plan. This plan will allow us to do away with the annual discrimination testing and new contributions will be vested immediately at 100%.

Healthland will be here next week working on the financial build and pharmacy part of the electronic medical record. The conversion is a grueling process with lots of hours of training but everyone is working hard to make the process a success.


Ms. Nash voiced her appreciation for the service and commitment Terry Freeser has given to the Board. Thanks were given to Ms. Cooney and Ms. Newland for all of their hard work on the budget preparation. The hospital staff was recognized for stepping up during this period of transition.


  1. CEO Update

Mike Zwicker has accepted the CEO position and has signed an offer letter.   His first day of work will be February 4th. Mike was honored to accept the position and looks forward to coming to Wheatland Memorial.

 b.       Top Issues and Goals

The Board will wait until Mr. Zwicker is on board before working on the CEO goals and top 5 issues.

c.        Helmsley Grant

The facility was awarded the Helmsley Grant and $411,000 has already been received to start the project with additional funds coming over the next 2 years.  Renovation has begun in room 20 l and 203.  The new state of the art mammography unit will be up and running in a couple of months.   Advertising will be done to let the community know more about this project.

d.       Job Descriptions/Code of Ethics

The final drafts of the Board and CEO Job descriptions were presented for approval. Upon motion that was duly made and seconded the Board and CEO Job descriptions were adopted as written. The Board Code of Ethics was also presented for final approval. Upon motion that was duly made and seconded the Board Code of Ethics was adopted as written.

e.        Other Old Business

Ms. Nash proposed that Mr. Kent act as parliamentarian along with his role as secretary/treasurer.

Ms. Cooney and Mr. Amundson attended the Commissioners Meeting to discuss who owns the hospital building and the prope1ty it sits on. There doesn’t seem to be clear paperwork to delineate ownership. The county pays the property insurance. This needs to be straightened out and it might be necessary to have an attorney and auditor involved. The commissioners will be invited to the February Board meeting to continue the discussion.

IV.                NEW BUSINESS

  1. November  Financials

Bad debt write offs were discussed. Ms. Newland explained that a lot more bad debt was written off in 2012 to follow current hospital policies. The financial ratio reports are trending favorably during this time of transition. Upon motion that was duly made and seconded the November financials were approved as presented.

b.      2013 Budget

There was much discussion on approving a budget with a $417,000 loss on operations. The cost of skilled and acute bed rates were increased to help reduce the loss. Clinic rates will also be slightly increased. Expenses have been cut, including a 3% pay increase for 2013.  Money that will be received from the state for direct care workers will be used to hopefully help cover the cost of a bonus for the employees at the end of the year. Travel and education will be handled very conservatively. Marketing of our services and expanding the Clinic hours will  hopefully help bring in more revenue.  Upon motion that was duly made and seconded the 2013 Budget was approved with the recommended changes.

c.      Closing of Administrators House

An email from Bill Jones on the closing of the Administrators house was discussed. The buyers are asking to move the closing date until June but be allowed to rent the house starting in January. There is still a chance that the closing could happen at the end of January. Upon motion that was duly made and seconded the closing can be moved to June if necessary with the payment of $4,500 in earnest money and rent of$1,000 per month plus utilities.

d.       Other New Business

Dick Brown the President of MHA will be attending our next Board meeting to talk about how MHA can help us achieve stability.

V.                  OTHER BUSINESS

  1. Recognition of Donors

Several  thank  you  cards  for donations  were passed  out to  the  members  to  have  a  personal handwritten thank you added to them.

b.      QI & Policy and Procedure Review Update

The next QI & Policy and Procedure meeting is scheduled for January.

VI.                EXECUTIVE  SESSION

The Board went into executive session to discuss personnel issues regarding the 20 13 budget at 7:45pm. The executive session ended at 8:25pm. No action was taken after returning to regular session.

VII.             ADJOURNMENT

There being no further business to be brought before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm.