Board Minutes 1/29/13


Board Minutes 1/29/13

Wheatland Memorial Healthcare
Board of Trustees’ Meeting

The Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Wheatland Memorial Healthcare was held on January 29, 2013 in the Health Education Center.


Lorraine Peterson, Chairman                             Susan Moore

Leta Nash, Vice Chairman                                Don Amundson

Aubrey Miller                                                   Lauri Cooney, Interim CEO


Mike Kent, Secretary/Treasurer                    June Voldseth


Peggy Hiner, Kathy Jutila-MD, Diane Jones-NP, Mike Zwicker

Kathie Newland, Jane Moe, Russ Young, Dick Brown


Chairman Peterson called the meeting to order at 5:10 pm.


The consent agenda was presented. One line from last month’s minutes was removed. Upon motion that was duly made and seconded all items in the consent agenda were adopted with the correction to the minutes.



Chairman Peterson welcomed guests; Mike Zwicker and Dick Brown. Mike will start as CEO for Wheatland Memorial Healthcare on February 4th  and Dick Brown is President of MHA.

Mr. Brown introduced himself and talked about his small town roots and his experience as a CEO for 16 years followed by 23 years with MHA. He has been president of MHA for over 5 years and is very passionate about maintaining rural healthcare. Mr. Brown gave an overview of MHA and talked about their services from advocacy to grants to education and purchasing programs. There are definite concerns about possible cuts to healthcare that could be very tough for small rural hospitals over the next few years.


Mr. Young talked about all of the hard work and training being done to implement the new electronic health record. The financial piece will go live on February 18th followed by the hospital clinicals in late March or early April.


Chairman Peterson thanked Ms. Cooney for her hard work as interim CEO and getting us through the last 5 months.

Ms. Nash let everyone know about the nice comments she has heard from community members about how much they have appreciated the wonderful care at Wheatland Memorial.


a. Administrator House Closing

The closing for the Administrator’s House will be February 11, 2013.

    1. December Financials

Ms. Newland talked about the net accounts receivable graph and the contractuals. Ms. Newland will be able to make better contractual estimates after the 11 month cost report is done. Upon motion that was duly made and seconded the December financials were approved as presented.

  1. 2013 Budget

The 2013 budget was brought back to the Board to approve a change to the pricing for inpatient ICU and monitored rates. Upon motion that was duly made and seconded the additional changes to the inpatient ICU and monitored rates were approved as presented.

  1. US Bank Loan

In 2011 paperwork was done to finance the electronic health record until the facility met meaningful use and was reimbursed. The loan was never used and it expired in 2012. This loan needs to be redone so Healthland can be paid for the work that is being done on the electronic health record. The Community Promise fund will need to be collateralized and draw downs will not be allowed from the fund until the loan is paid off. There have been some struggles with Healthland while implementing the new electronic health record so there are concerns about paying the bill before all of the work is done. The Board agreed to do the paperwork to secure the loan for $613,000 but would like Mr. Zwicker to look closely into the electronic health record when he starts next week. Upon motion that was duly made and seconded the Board of Wheatland Memorial Healthcare will be responsible for signing the loan agreement with US Bank and securing the loan. A member of the Board executive committee will be responsible for the signature.

  1. Bank Account Signers

With all of the recent changes new signature cards will need to be done at Citizens Bank. Ms. Cooney will stay on as a signer and Mr. Zwicker, Mr. Kent and Mr. Miller will be added.

  1. Minutes sent to the Times Clarion

The Board discussed the changes that are being made to the minutes that are being sent to the Times Clarion. Wording is being changed and the order of the paragraphs are being shifted around. The Board wants to continue to get information out to the community through the paper so Mr. Zwicker has offered to meet with the Times Clarion to discuss the changes that are occurring. The minutes are also posted on the hospitals website.

1. Board Policies

The Board reviewed the draft Board policies and some changes were suggested. Ms. Hiner will make the suggested changes and get the policies back out to the members so they can be approved at the next Board meeting.

g. Other New Business

Dr. Jutila has been performing stress tests at the facility and the new mammography room is coming along nicely. After the mammography room is completed the treadmill will be relocated into the room next to it where there will be more room.

A letter was received from Penny Doak stating that there would be a disbursement from the Bair Memorial Trust this year. The application must be turned in next week. Ms. Cooney stated that money will be requested to help pay for the new telemetry unit, pay off the X-ray loan and purchase the rest of the hardware needed for the new electronic health record system.

Credentialing has been completed on Dr. Brian Priest and his package was approved by the medical staff at yesterday’s medical staff meeting. Ms. Cooney asked the Board to approve privileges for Dr. Priest. Upon motion that was duly made and seconded the Board approved accepting Dr. Priest as an active member of the medical staff Dr. Priest is a pediatrician and ER doctor from Lewistown that is willing to cover shifts in our ER and clinic when necessary.

Ms. Cooney has been working on new contracts with all of the full time providers. Two contracts have been signed and the third should be completed soon..


  1. Recognition of Donors

Several thank you cards for donations were passed out to the members to have a personal handwritten thank you added to them.

  1. Other Other Business

A plaque was presented to Chairman Peterson to show appreciation for last years’ service as Vice Chairman of the Board.

The monthly Commissioners meeting will be on February 4th at lpm. Ms. Nash will attend with Mr. Zwicker.

An All Employee meeting will be held on February 4t at 2:30pm to welcome Mike Zwicker to our facility.

  1. QI and Policy and Procedure Review Update

Because of all of the focus on the new electronic health record the Q1 and Policy and Procedure meetings are currently on hold.


There being no further business to be brought before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm.