Board Minutes 2/26/13


Board Minutes 2/26/13

Wheatland Memorial Healthcare
Board of Trustees’ Meeting

The Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Wheatland Memorial Healthcare was held on February 26, 2013 in the Health Education Center.


Lorraine Peterson, Chairman                              June Voldseth
Mike Kent, Secretary/Treasurer                         Don Amundson
Aubrey Miller                                                    Mike Zwicker, CEO


Leta Nash, Vice Chairman                             Susan Moore


Peggy Hiner                                                      Kathie Newland
Lauri Cooney                                                    Richard Moe
Tom Bennett


Chairman Peterson called the meeting to order at 5:10pm and asked everyone to keep in mind our mission and vision.


The consent agenda was presented. Upon motion that was duly made and seconded all items in the consent agenda were adopted as written.



County Commissioners, Tom Bennett and Richard Moe were introduced. They were invited to the meeting to discuss the hospital property after some questions arose on who owned the land and the building. Mr. Bennett stated that the county owns both the land and the building. Ms. Newland has been listing the building as an asset on the cost report so she will need to talk to the auditors to see how to straighten this out. The county pays the hospital a subsidy and also insures the building and its contents. There are some concerns that the building and contents are underinsured. Mr. Zwicker and Mr. Kent will attend the Commissioners meeting on Monday at lpm.


Ms. Cooney talked about the conversion to the electronic health record and how the clinical side has been stressful but everyone is working hard. The financial side of the program has gone much smoother.


Chairman Peterson expressed her appreciation for the time that Rachael Radke put into setting up the computers for the Board meeting.


  1. a.      Review Board Policies

The Board policies were reviewed and no other changes were suggested. The old investment policy will not be changed until the Board has met with the representative from US Bank. Upon motion that was duly made and seconded the Board policies were approved as written. As Parliamentarian, Mr. Kent will use the approved policies at meetings for parliamentarian purposes.

  1. b.      Other Old Business

The Administrator’s house closed on February 11th. A discussion was held to decide where to allocate the funds. The members agreed to put $110,000 in the Community Promise Fund and $63,000 in the operating account. Upon motion that was duly made and seconded the Board approved depositing $110,000 in the community Promise fund and $63,000 in the operating account.

Mr. Zwicker reviewed the contract with Healthland for the electronic health record and explained to the Board that we will have to follow through with the contract, but he will challenge some of the expenses they have billed us for. The pharmacy and financials went live on the 18th and the clinical documentation training will start next week. Glitches with the system have taken away from the training time. The Healthland bill has not been paid yet and Mr. Zwicker wants to talk the salesman to work out some of the wrinkles before the bill is paid.

Mr. Zwicker and Mr. Kent will be contacting the Times Clarion to set up a time to meet with them about how the minutes are covered in the paper.


  1. a.      January Financials

Because of the transition of the Healthland financials from the classic system to the centriq system Ms. Newland was not able to get the January financials done in time for the Board meeting but she is making good progress and hopes to have them done soon. Salaries were over budget and revenue was under budget in January. Mr. Zwicker has a keen interest in the financials and plans on focusing on processes to get them where they need to be.

  1. b.      Gala

The hospital has been having an annual Gala and Mr. Zwicker asked the Board if they wanted to continue with that. The Board expressed their support in having Jane Moe move forward with planning a Gala later this year.

  1. c.       Grant Submissions

Mr. Zwicker asked the Board if he needed their approval before submitting grant requests. It was decided that only grants that have additional costs or strings attached would need approval from the Board.

  1. d.      Other New Business

When Mr. Zwicker was hired the Board talked about having him look at other organizations that could help our facility. Dick Brown from MHA reaffirmed how crucial it is for small critical access hospitals to affiliate with larger facilities to survive. The Board asked Mr. Zwicker to start researching facilities like Billings Clinic, St. Vincent, and Benefis. Having the Board actively involved by visiting with Boards of facilities that have already done this could really help with the process. Upon motion that was duly made and seconded the Board approved Mr. Zwicker investigating the possibility of affiliating with another organization and keeping open communication with the Board.


  1. a.       Recognition of Donors

Two thank you cards for donations were passed out to the members to have a personal handwritten thank you added to them.

  1. b.      Other Other Business

Ms. Cooney asked the Board if it would be okay to set up the annual meeting with US Bank for the next Board meeting. Everyone agreed that it would be good to move ahead and get this formalized with Penny Doak.

  1. c.       QI and Policy and Procedure Review Update

The QI and Policy and Procedure Committees met yesterday after being on hold for a few months. A Q1 process will be developed for the electronic health record to make sure we are able to achieve meaningful use. The formal auditing process will be set up at the next meeting.


Chairman Peterson went around the table allowing input from anyone that wanted to contribute. Mr. Bennett thanked the Board for doing their civic duty to the community. Ms. Voldseth expressed her appreciation to the staff that has put so much time into the facility and how huge the personal touch is to Wheatland Memorials reputation. Mr. Amundson echoed Ms. Voldseth and said he felt we were on the cusp of where we needed to be. Mr. Kent has only been on the Board a short time but he talked about the good cohesiveness of the Board and how great of an asset he believes Mr. Zwicker is going to be for the facility. Mr. Miller agreed with all that had been said and added his appreciation for the extended clinic hours especially from a school aspect. Chairman Peterson is thankful for the cohesiveness of the Board and the staff support.


The Board went into executive session at 6:35pm. The executive session ended at 7:05pm. No action was taken after returning to regular session.


There being no further business to be brought before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 7:05pm.