Board Minutes 03/26/13


Board Minutes 03/26/13

Wheatland Memorial Healthcare

Board of Trustees’ Meeting


The Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Wheatland Memorial Healthcare was held on March 26, 2013 in the Health Education Center.



                                    Lorraine Peterson, Chairman                     June Voldseth       
                                    Leta Nash, Vice Chairman                           Susan Moore
                                    Mike Kent, Secretary/Treasurer                Don Amundson
                                   Aubrey Miller                                                  Mike Zwicker, CEO



                                    Peggy Hiner                                                     Kathie Newland                     
                                    Lauri Cooney                                                  Jane Moe
                                    Vicki Weller                                                     Kathy Jutila, MD                                                                                                         


Chairman Peterson called the meeting to order at 5:05pm and reviewed the hospitals vision and values.


The consent agenda was presented.  Upon motion that was duly made and seconded all items in the consent agenda were adopted as written.


  1. I.                   CO-WORKER UPDATE

Mr. Young talked about the computer issues the facility has been having and the new network servers that he will be installing.  There are other areas in the hospital that need to use the laptops so Mr. Young got a count of how many of the Board members like to use computers to follow along during the meeting so he knew how many to set up each month.  The conversion to the electronic health record continues to keep everyone very busy.

  1. II.                RECOGNITION

Thanks were given to Ms. Weller for the food that the dietary department made for the meeting and thanks were also given to everyone that attended the SWOT Analysis last week.

  1. III.             OLD BUSINESS
  2. a.      Advertising Service Lines

A pamphlet on PADnet that Ms. Moe developed with Dr. Jutila was passed around.  This pamphlet is awaiting final approval and then it will be put out to the public.  Other pamphlets will be produced to promote the new service lines available at Wheatland Memorial.  Mr. Zwicker talked about the possibility of having a sleep lab if patients would support it.  This is still in the very early stages. We would supply a room and the company would supply all of the capital, the technical personnel and the licensing.  The revenue would be split between the hospital and the sleep lab company.

  1. b.      Other Old Business

Mr. Zwicker and a Board member still need to schedule time to go over to the Times Clarion.  The concerns with the changes that occur when the minutes are published in the paper and the detail of the minutes for historical purposes were discussed.  If the minutes don’t go to the paper until they are approved by the Board they will always be over a month old.  Getting the information out to the public is important and putting a summary of the meeting in the paper soon after the meeting was suggested.  The approved minutes are always available on our website for anyone to look at.  Mr. Zwicker and Ms. Moe will work on the summary idea and see what the cost would be to publish it.

  1. IV.              NEW BUSINESS
  2. a.      February Financials

The Healthland conversion has been very time consuming so Ms. Newland was not able to get the February financials completed for tonight’s meeting.  Ms. Newland has spoken to Mr. Zwicker about her priority list and she will do her best to have the financials ready for next month’s meeting.

  1. b.      Healthland

Mr. Zwicker met with two Healthland representatives one on one and then brought in other staff to express how unhappy everyone is with their product and the conversion process.  Mr. Zwicker was professional but very blunt when he spoke with them. The executives took notes and will be taking the information back with them to sort out before everyone reconvenes in a couple of weeks.  This is a very expensive project and our facility shouldn’t be paying them to fix system problems when the time is supposed to be used for the training of staff.   All of the problems have also caused extreme inefficiency that turns into lost revenue.  Payment has not been made to Healthland yet and Mr. Zwicker hopes the bill is adjusted accordingly.  There are other facilities in Montana that have had the same issues and it may take all of the facilities working together especially if we have any contract issues or have trouble meeting meaningful use.  The last day to start attestation for meaningful use is July 3rd.

  1. c.       SWOT Analysis

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis was done last Tuesday with Managers, Board, Providers and Chaplains.  It was a good way to open up communications and allow everyone to talk freely.  Some were skeptical because similar things have been done before but Mr. Zwicker said there will be accountability and the silos will come down.  Ms. Weller, Ms. Hiner, Ms. Newland and Ms. Moe talked about how they all enjoyed the process and how it was a good chance to open up and communicate with others and have some of those tough conversations.  Dr. Jutila did not leave the SWOT Analysis feeling good about it, she was bothered by topics that were discussed that she felt were erroneous. The top two items in each area were selected and a plan of action will be discussed at the Managers meeting on Monday.   Mr. Zwicker’s goal is to be the best CAH in the state but he can’t do it alone, he needs support and buy in from everyone.  With all of the talk on communication, Dr. Jutila asked if a Chief of Staff report could be included in the Board packet to help alleviate any misconceptions of what is going on in the clinic, with schedules being an example.  The Board agreed that they would like to see a report in the monthly Board packet.

  1. d.      Community Health Needs Assessment

A Community Health Needs Assessment must be done every 3 years as a requirement of the 990.  The process has just begun and it will take about 7 months to complete.  The first step is to set up a steering committee meeting with a mix of people from our service area to develop the survey questions.  Any Board members that want to attend are welcome to come to the meeting on April 15th at noon.

  1. e.      Outsourcing of Transcription and Coding

Last month our coder resigned and Patsy Elings has temporarily stepped up to do the coding but a permanent process needs to be put in place.  Currently there is only one transcriptionist and she will be going on maternity leave this summer.  To keep up on the billing we need a backup transcriptionist and coverage during the maternity leave.  A conference call was held with Billings Clinic to discuss how they could help with the transcription and the coding.  It was made very clear that we would not be getting rid of any jobs, but it is important to be proactive.  On April 9th representatives from Billings Clinic will be onsite to look at the IT side of the outsourcing.  It would take approximately sixty days before everything could start.  The coding would cost $35.00 per hour with them able to do about a week’s work in 8 hours and transcription will be $0.13 a line.

  1. f.        Reaching out to Billings Clinic

Mr. Zwicker is waiting to hear back from Kelly Evans in Red Lodge on a date for our Board members to go have a lunch with some of their Board members to discuss the pro’s and con’s of affiliating with a larger facility.  Glendive met with the Red Lodge Board before they went forward with their affiliation with Billings Clinic.  It is important for the Board to do their due diligence and ask all of the questions.  We may decide that we want to take a different route than Billings Clinic but the reality is we can’t continue to run like we have and survive.  Having an affiliation with Billings Clinic or another large facility won’t keep us from doing business with other facilities like St. Vincent.  Referrals would be made to the hospital we affiliate with but patients would still always have the choice to go to the facility that they prefer.

  1. g.      Gala Update

This year’s Gala will be held on September 28th at the Moose.  Ms. Moe talked to Gregg Wasson at the high school to make sure there weren’t any activities that night.  There are some concerns on if the Moose will still be open by September because of some issues with their Board.  Ms. Moe is looking for theme ideas if anyone has any.

  1. h.      Health Fair

This year the Health Fair is scheduled for Friday, August 2nd at the Youth Center.  This is the same weekend as the Wind Festival and the Youth Fair.  Ms. Moe is lining up lots of people to set up booths along with our Lab Check.

  1. i.        New Board Member

Currently there are 7 Board members and there can be up to 9.  Ms. Nash’s term will be up at the end of the year putting the Board down to 6 so it is time to be thinking of potential members.  It would be good to find people that fit areas that may be lacking in the current Board.

  1. j.        Other New Business

A letter that Ms. Moe put together for the Callant Foundation was passed out for review.  Money received from this grant is to be allocated to children and there is still $26,000 of Callant money that needs to be spent from previous years.  The letter explains why the hospital is choosing not to submit a request for this year.  The Board agreed to have Ms. Moe submit the letter but asked her to list items that are under consideration for purchase with the $26,000.  Paying for sports physicals was suggested along with some pediatric items that are needed for the clinic.

Penny Doak and another representative from US Bank will be at the next Board meeting to discuss our investments.

Dr. Jutila wanted to add to the DON report that was part of the consent agenda.  She wanted to give credit to Katie Blaquiere for all of her help with ambulatory blood pressures, PADnet and treadmill tests.  These programs wouldn’t be successful without her.  The testing is going well and Dr. Jutila has heard great feedback.

  1. V.                 OTHER BUSINESS
    1. a.      Recognition of Donors

One thank you card for a donation was passed out to a Board member to have a personal handwritten thank you added to it.

  1. b.      Other Other Business

Mr. Zwicker increased the rent on the hospital rental house to $200.00 per month because the current rent wasn’t even enough to cover the utility bills.  The rental agreement was also changed to state the hospital will only cover the water and sewer bill.  The lease went from month to month to a 2 year lease.

Ortho Montana is seeing patients at the clinic twice a month and they sometimes use our nurse and supplies.  Mr. Zwicker contacted the CEO at Ortho Montana and he agreed to pay $100.00 a day when they use our facility.  It is a minimum charge that will help us but also keep them coming to Harlowton to see patients.

The Critical Access Hospital Finance 101 Manual was handed out to all of the members to help them understand more about hospital finances.

  1. c.       QI and Policy and Procedure Review Update

The QI and Policy and Procedure meeting was bumped to tomorrow so there is nothing to report tonight.  Mr. Zwicker and Ms. Hiner are working on some HR policies that will hopefully be more effective.

  1. d.      HCTAM Grant

The application for Board members to attend a Board conference in Park City, Utah is due by April 1st.  There is a $1,000 grant available to help offset the cost.  The conference is June 5th through the 7th.

  1. VI.              ROUND TABLE

Ms. Nash wants to make sure the Board reaches out to have all the conversations necessary to reach a comfort level when considering an affiliation with another facility.  Ms.Voldseth was happy that the idea of a Chief of Staff report was brought up; she also enjoys having at least 1 provider at the Board meetings.  Dr. Jutila thanked the Board for allowing her input and being so responsive.  Mr. Kent enjoyed attending the SWOT Analysis, it had open and honest communication and he hopes more open communication will happen in the facility.  Mr. Amundson was happy to see there are new ways of getting information out and he realizes this is an ongoing process.  Mr. Miller found the SWOT Analysis very interesting and enjoyed the openness of it.  He also thanked Ms. Moe for all she does on the Gala’s and Game Show nights.  These events require a lot of behind the scenes legwork but they are great ways to bring the community together.  Mr. Zwicker also thanked Ms. Moe for her hard work and everyone that has provided him the opportunity to be at Wheatland Memorial.


The Board went into executive session at 6:52pm.  The executive session ended at 7:35pm.  No action was taken after returning to regular session.


There being no further business to be brought before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 7:35pm.